Parallax and Microsoft have collaborated to combine the power of Microsoft® Robotics Studio with the versatile and easy to use Boe-Bot® Robot. With the Boe-Bot Robot Kit for Microsoft Robotics Studio, you can develop PC code to monitor and orchestrate the activities of one or more Boe-Bot robots, all via Bluetooth wireless.

To learn more about the kit, free downloads, documentation and tutorials, check out the Boe-Bot Kit for Microsoft Robotics Studio product page.

To learn more about Microsoft Robotics Studio, go to the Microsoft Robotics Studio page.

The Boe-Bot Kit Microsoft Robotics Studio

This kit’s hardware includes our popular Boe-Bot robot full kit and the eb500 Bluetooth module, making it possible for the Boe-Bot robot to communicate with a PC’s Bluetooth radio. All the software you’ll use with the kit is available for free download, including the following:

  • The Parallax BASIC Stamp Editor
  • PBASIC example programs for the Boe-Bot robot
  • The latest Microsoft Robotics Studio Community Technical Preview (CTP) release
  • Microsoft programming languages such as Microsoft Visual C# and VB.Net.

The kit’s documentation and example code provide tutorials and demonstrations that use a Microsoft Robotics Studio “service” to control the Boe-Bot robot. They also demonstrate how to manipulate the Boe-Bot robot’s PBASIC and the PC’s C# code for PC programmed wireless Boe-Bot robot monitoring and control. After that, you’ll be ready to tackle Microsoft’s tutorials, which show how to leverage the Robotic Studio’s BASIC Stamp 2 services for PC navigation based on sensor inputs as well as GUI development.

Check out the Boe-Bot Kit for Microsoft Robotics Studio.
For additional assistance with the Robotics Studio hardware contact us.

About Microsoft Robotics Studio

Microsoft Robotics Studio provides an end-to-end robotics development environment for hobbyist, academic, and commercial robotic developers. Microsoft Robotics Studio is a Windows-based environment that offers the following key features and benefits:

    End-to-End Robotics Development Platform: Microsoft Robotics Studio enables developers to generate modular services for hardware and software, allowing users to interact with robots through Windows-based or Web interfaces. Developers can also simulate robotic applications using realistic 3D models with AGEIA™ PhysX™ Technology. AGEIA™ is a pioneer in hardware-accelerated physics, enabling real-world physics simulations with robot models. Simulations can be accelerated through hardware acceleration using the AGEIA™ PhysX™ processor (Available in PhysX™ Accelerator add-in cards for PCs).Lightweight services-oriented runtime: Microsoft Robotics Studio provides a lightweight service-oriented runtime. Using a .NET-based concurrency library, it makes asynchronous and distributed application development simple. The service-oriented message-based architecture makes it possible to realization of highly complex applications through the composition and orchestration of simpler services.

    Scalable and extensible platform: Microsoft Robotics Studio programming model can be applied for a variety of robot hardware platforms, enabling users to transfer their learning skills across platforms. Third-parties can also extend the functionality of the platform by providing additional libraries and services. Both remote (PC-based) and robot-based (autonomous) execution scenarios can be realized using a selection of programming languages, including those included in Microsoft Visual Studio and Microsoft Visual Studio Express languages (C# and VB.NET), as well as Jscript and Microsoft Iron Python as well as third-party languages that conform to its services-based architecture.

For additional assistance with the Robotics Studio software the Robotics Studio Newsgroup is an excellent source of information.

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